Product Overview

A list of the assessment products, systems, and services offered by HR Decisions Ltd. follows. With few exceptions, the assessment systems are fully web-enabled.

Selection Systems

  • Management Assessment Profile (MAP)
    MAP provides comprehensive measurement of abilities, traits and skills that have a demonstrated link to on-the-job management performance.
  • The STAR Candidate Profile
    The STAR Candidate Profile provides a Comprehensive Assessment (CAP), a Management Assessment (MAP), and will support custom targeting for specific positions.
  • Work Skills Profile (WSP)
    The WSP provides assessment of General Mental Ability, a key predictor of performance in any job.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Profile (CCP)
    The CCP provides assessment of both General Mental Ability and a variety of job-relevant personality traits.
  • Contact Centre Applicant Selection System (CCASS)
    CCASS provides information about a candidate's potential for each of Telesales, Operator/Emergency Service and Customer Service work.
  • Applicant Values Profile (AVP)
    The AVP identifies candidates who exemplify valued behaviour with respect to Strategic Leadership, Business Acumen, Innovation and Technical Excellence, Motivating Others, and Building Teamwork.
  • Administrative Suite
    The Administrative Suite provides comprehensive measurement of skills and abilities related to efficient and effective decision-making, including analytical thinking, innovative thinking, productivity and quality of judgement.
  • STAR Craft and Trades Profile
    STAR Craft provides measurement of abilities, traits and knowledge that have a demonstrated link to success in craft and trades positions.

We can customize most of our systems to suit your organization. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will help come up with a solution that works for you.

Please use our Information Request Form or call to discuss your needs:

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Development Systems

  • TEAM 360° Assessment
    The TEAM 360° Assessment allows employees to rate the extent to which they display key behaviours, and then to compare their own self-ratings to the company norms and to the average ratings provided for them by their co-workers.
  • Career Development Program (CDP)
    The CDP is an Assessment Centre that is designed to identify the strengths and developmental opportunities exhibited by high potential managers.
  • Executive Assessment Program (EAP)
    As our most comprehensive Assessment Centre, the EAP helps to accurately identify individual's strengths and developmental opportunities in the uppermost levels of the organization.

Other Systems

  • Employee Survey
    The employee survey provides a pulse check regarding employees' perceptions of how the organization is functioning on a number of important dimensions.
  • Client Survey
    The client survey provides of a pulse check regarding clients' perceptions of how the organization is functioning on a number of important dimensions.

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