Management Assessment Profile 

"Once you have had the opportunity to observe a new manager on the job, if you go back and look at his or her Management Assessment report, the results are eerily accurate."

—VP Human Resources

"On one occasion, I ignored the Management Assessment results in making a hiring decision. I paid dearly for it. The problems I experienced with this manager were right there in the Management Assessment report."

—Hiring Manager Sales

Most companies view their key employees as a competitive advantage in today's economy. When looking for new talent, it is often a challenge to identify, from among the many applicants, the candidate with the greatest management potential. To aid in this selection process, HR Decisions has developed the Management Assessment Profile to provide comprehensive information about the applicants' potential for managerial activities.

In a Harvard Management Update, a study showed that psychological testing-followed by interviews-outperformed all other methods of assessing candidates, including interviews alone, references, career history, and even six-month performance reviews.1 With comprehensive psychological testing, both the employee and the company can garner a more comprehensive assessment of the individual and predict their future performance.

What is the Management Assessment Profile?

The Management Assessment Profile provides comprehensive measurement of abilities, traits, and skills that have a demonstrated link to on-the-job management performance. The results are reported in terms of a series of management competencies such as Interpersonal Relations, Communication, Judgment, and Initiative.

Why Use the Management Assessment Profile?

Research has demonstrated that when a company uses the Management Assessment Profile for selection, they can expect a about a 23 percent increase in the proportion of managers judged to be successful in their jobs.

The Management Assessment Profile has also proven to be a highly effective development tool for selected candidates. Management Assessment results clearly highlight the managerial areas that are strong or require development so that a career plan can be developed for the successful candidate.

What is Involved?

Candidates spend approximately 4.5 hours completing the components of the Management Assessment Profile, including ability tests, management simulations, and a personality inventory. These assessment instruments can be completed online or in paper-and-pencil format.

1 Prewitt, Edward "Personality Tests in Hiring: How to Do It Right", Harvard Management Update 1998.

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