Executive Assessment Program 

High performance cultures require both high performance people and HR structures and programs that contribute to and support the performance, development and ultimate success of these high achievers.

HR Decisions has developed an Executive Assessment Program that helps to predict the future performance and ultimate potential of executives and senior managers.

What is the Executive Assessment Program?

The Executive Assessment Program is our most comprehensive Assessment Centre. It helps to accurately identify individuals' strengths and developmental opportunities in the uppermost levels of the organization. The information that the program yields is organized around a series of Leadership Competencies, Management Competencies and Personal Attributes that have been identified as key aspects of performance at the senior management level.

Why Use the Executive Assessment Program?

The results from the Executive Assessment Program have proven to be extremely useful in decision making related to executive selection, development planning and succession planning. Clients using the Executive Assessment Program report:

  • Optimization of human capital development
  • Increased ability to match the right people with the right positions
  • Increased objectivity in the succession planning process
  • Improved understanding of individual strengths and developmental opportunities

What is Involved?

This battery of assessments is very broad, utilizing multiple measures of cognitive abilities, personality/motivational traits, and behavioural traits. Our assessment techniques include written tests, group and individual leadership simulations, and structured interviews. Program participants will need to dedicate approximately 2.5 days to the assessment activities. Once the assessment data has been analyzed, each participant has the opportunity to discuss their results with a senior psychologist, who will expand upon the written report and offer developmental suggestions.