TEAM 360° Assessment 

Most employees get the opportunity to receive feedback from the individuals to whom they report. Feedback from one's colleagues and direct reports is less common, but equally valuable, especially in planning one's developmental activities. Increasingly it is being recognized that the varied perspectives on an employee's behaviour that can be offered by people at different levels in the organization provide a more holistic and complete snapshot of an employee's strengths and developmental opportunities.

The TEAM 360° Assessment was developed by HR Decisions to meet this need for comprehensive feedback about an employee's on-the-job behaviours.

What is the TEAM 360° Assessment?

The TEAM 360° Assessment allows employees to rate the extent to which they display key behaviours, and then to compare their own self-ratings to the company norms and to the average ratings provided for them by their co-workers. There are two versions of the TEAM 360° Assessment, one for employees with supervisory responsibilities and one for those without supervisory duties.

Why Use the TEAM 360° Assessment?

The TEAM 360° Assessment provides an opportunity for employees to be recognized not only for what they accomplish, but also for how they accomplish it. Furthermore, through use of the TEAM 360°, the employee has the opportunity to create a more focused development plan, and the organization has the opportunity to better understand what training and developmental opportunities would be most beneficial for the organization, as a whole.

What is Involved?

Participants and their raters are sent emails requesting their input in the 360° assessment process. Web links imbedded in the emails direct them to the website where they provide their ratings. Each rater requires approximately 20 minutes to complete the behavioural ratings.

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