Administrative Suite 

Although productivity is a concern in all positions, some jobs have as their key requirement that the encumbant make a lot of timely and effective decisions. Whether looking to recruit externally or to promote from within, it is often a challenge to identify, from among the many applicants, the candidates with the greatest potential to successfully handle multiple problems and decisions in an efficient manner. To aid in this selection process, HR Decisions has developed the Administrative Suite to provide targeted information about the applicants' readiness to effectively handle a large workload.

What is the Administrative Suite?

The Administrative Suite provides comprehensive measurement of skills and abilities related to effective decision-making, including Analytical Thinking, Innovative Thinking, Productivity and Quality of Judgement.

Why Use the STAR Administrative Suite?

Research has demonstrated that performance on the Administrative Suite effectively predicts on-the-job success in positions, such as Management, that require efficient and effective decision-making. Suggestions for developmental activities are also made available so that the assessment results can be linked to developmental plans for successful candidates.

What is Involved?

Candidates spend approximately 2.5 hours completing the components of the Administrative Suite, including tests of analytical and innovative thinking, and an InBox simulation. All of the assessment instruments can be completed either online or in paper-and-pencil format.