Career Development Program 

"Since completing the program, I have received two promotions, but much more significant than the promotions (and salary increases) is the positive impact that the program has had on my self-esteem, relationships and approach to work."

—Senior Manager
Telecom Company

Strategic advantage is a result of creative thinking, teamwork, innovation and other key management skills. How do you know who has the greatest potential for key senior management roles?

Brad Smart, author of Topgrading said "The cost of a mis-hire at any level is 27 times salary."1 At senior management levels, a mis-hire can be not only costly, but devastating. Conversely, a good hire can make a world of difference. HR Decisions has developed the Career Development Program (CDP) to provide a well-rounded view of your organization's leaders and future leaders.

What is the Career Development Program (CDP)?

The Career Development Program is an Assessment Centre that is designed to identify the strengths and developmental opportunities exhibited by high potential managers. The assessment results are used by the participants to inform their personal development plans and are used by the organization to assist with succession planning decisions. The exercises utilized in the Career Development Program measure a series of key management competencies such as Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, and Change Management.

Why do a Career Development Program?

  • Optimize development of human capital
  • Match the right people with the right jobs
  • Increase profitability
  • Lower turnover
  • Raise employee morale
  • Succession planning
  • Identify individual strengths
  • Identify developmental opportunities

What is Involved?

The CDP consists of two days of extensive assessment methods including management simulations, standardized tests, open-ended tasks, and intensive interviews. Once the assessment data have been analyzed, each candidate has the opportunity to discuss their report with a registered psychologist who provides an in-depth interpretation of the report and provides suggestions for professional development and career planning.

1 Fortune Magazine "The Smart Way to Hire Superstars" July 10, 2000