Applicant Values Profile 

Increasingly it is being realized that in order to be successful contributors at work, people need to have a good fit not only to their job functions, but also to the culture and values of their organization. Alignment with core values links the individual's goals to those of the team, business unit, and ultimately the company.

The Applicant Values Program (AVP) was developed by HR Decisions to measure the strategic competencies for a number of core values.

What is the Applicant Values Profile?

The Applicant Values Profile identifies candidates who exemplify valued behaviour with respect to Strategic Leadership, Business Acumen, Innovation and Technical Excellence, Motivating Others, and Building Teamwork. By utilizing the AVP results, the organization has the opportunity to select and develop employees who will drive the identified values, and, thereby, advance the organization's competitive advantage.

Why Use the Applicant Values Profile?

It is much faster and easier to change corporate culture through selection of the "right" people-those who act in accordance with the desired values-than it is to change the behaviour of existing employees.

What is Involved?

Candidates require approximately 2.25 hours to complete the Applicant Values assessment online or in paper-and-pencil format. The assessment includes a variety of cognitive-ability tests, personality and motivational items, and work simulation exercises. The resulting report provides the organization with an overview of the individuals' strengths and developmental opportunities as they relate to exemplifying corporate values.

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