Work Skills Profile

General mental ability predicts job performance better than any other ability, trait, or disposition, and better than job experience.1 Employees with stronger general mental ability tend to learn new tasks more quickly, solve challenging problems more efficiently and effectively, and be better equipped to view issues from a strategic perspective.

Following years of scientific research, HR Decisions introduced the Work Skills Profile, a comprehensive assessment of general mental ability.

What is the Work Skills Profile?

The Work Skills Profile assesses three aspects of general mental ability: verbal ability, quantitative/reasoning ability, and memory ability. The work skills profile has been carefully crafted to ensure fairness to candidates for whom English is a second language. In order to avoid confusing general mental ability with language familiarity, the Work Skills Profile ignores the verbal ability scores of ESL candidates who show evidence of struggling with the verbal subtest.

What is Involved?

The Work Skills Profile includes three analytical reasoning subtests (verbal, quantitative/reasoning and memory). It takes approximately 35 minutes for the candidate to complete the assessment either online or in paper-and-pencil format.

1Schmidt, F.L., & Hunter, J.E. (2004). General mental ability in the world of work: Occupational attainment and job performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86, 162-173.

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