Contact Center Applicant Selection System 

"One of our challenges is to ensure that we recruit competitively superior candidates and develop employees. HRD has provided valuable tools to assist us in our effort to select and develop the right person for the right job."

—Director, Employment Services

Contact centers are fast becoming the major sources of customer interface. As the dream of the universal agent has failed to be fulfilled, we are seeing a return to specialization among contact center employees. At the same time, applicant pools for contact centers are drying up, and organizations cannot afford to overlook a good candidate for any contact center position.

What is the Contact Center Applicant Selection System?

The Contact Center Applicant Selection System (CCASS) helps companies identify any contact center position for which a candidate may be suitable. Because the skills and traits required vary among the different call center positions, a person who is applying for one position may be unsuitable for that position, but may be well suited to an alternative call center role. By providing simultaneous information on a candidate's potential for each of Telesales, Operator/Emergency Service and Customer Service work, CCASS aids the organization in making the most effective use of its candidate pool.

Why Use the Contact Center Applicant Selection System?

Use of the Contact Center Applicant Selection System in the contact center selection process has proven to increase service levels, productivity and sales. For example: u Employees selected using CCASS are 22% more likely than those selected without the benefit of this assessment to be rated as good or excellent performers by their supervisors. u Among contact center employees with sales responsibilities, those selected using CCASS can be expected to produce 15% to 18% more sales than those selected without use of this assessment program.

What is Involved?

The Contact Center Applicant Selection System includes a number of cognitive-ability tests, a personality inventory, and a customer service simulation. It takes approximately 2.5 hours for the candidate to complete the assessment.