Employee Survey 

Since a company is only as good as its people, it is important to tap into what employees are thinking so that you quickly correct problems and capitalize on successes. By showing an interest and responsiveness to employee needs, ideas and suggestions, a company has the opportunity improve retention, productivity and morale.

The Employee Survey was developed by HR Decisions to meet this need for comprehensive feedback about employee perceptions of the organization and its programs.

What is the Employee Survey?

The Employee Survey allows employees to rate the extent to which they agree with a variety of statements concerning their job and work environment. The particular questions asked can be tailored to your company's unique circumstances.

Why Use the Employee Survey?

The results from the Employee Survey help organizations to: 1) identify what they are doing well and areas for improvement, and 2) ensure that their employees have a rewarding and satisfying work environment. Many companies ask for employee feedback about proposed changes, but fewer survey employees about the status quo. This is an oversight because in the dynamic business environment, what worked well a year ago may no longer work well today. The implementation of employee suggestions has the potential not only to reduce hard costs, but also to reduce the soft costs associated with employee turnover and absenteeism.

What is Involved?

Participants are sent emails requesting their input in the employee survey process. Web links imbedded in the emails direct them to the website where they provide their responses. Each employee requires approximately 10 minutes to provide their ratings and comments.