Client Survey 

Each client represents an investment of marketing time and money, and each lost client represents an investment that is no longer providing any returns. Information about customer dissatisfaction can provide the impetus for programs designed to increase customer satisfaction and return business, thereby increasing profits.

The Client Survey was developed by HR Decisions to meet this need for comprehensive feedback about client perceptions of your company and how it does business.

What is the Client Survey?

The Client Survey allows customers to rate the extent to which they agree with a variety of statements concerning their interactions with your company and its employees. The particular questions asked can be tailored to your company's unique business.

Why Use the Client Survey?

Most directly, the results from the Client Survey help organizations to implement changes aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and intent to return. However, simply asking for feedback indicates to the client that your company cares about customer relations and satisfaction; thus, the mere act of requesting a client's participation in a satisfaction survey can increase the likelihood of repeat business.

What is Involved?

Clients are sent emails requesting their input in the client survey process. Web links imbedded in the emails direct them to the website where they provide their responses. Each client requires approximately 5 minutes to provide their ratings and comments.