STAR Candidate Profile

STAR is Strategic Targeted Assessment Report.  The STAR Candidate Profile provides a Comprehensive Assessment (CAP), a Management Assessment (MAP), and will support custom targeting for specific positions.

In an integrated selection and development strategy, it is desirable for an organization to grow talent from within.  Not only does this make succession planning easier, but it also helps to attract the best talent because potential employees ascertain that advancement opportunities are made available within the organization.  To be successful, a strategy of fostering internal talent has to start at the beginning, with the hiring of entry-level employees who have the capacity to develop into future leaders. 

HR Decisions developed the STAR Candidate Profile to meet this need for hiring the best entry-level talent, and then ascertaining, at a later date, which entry-level employees are ready for promotion into leadership positions.

What is the STAR Candidate Profile?

The STAR Candidate Profile is a tiered assessment system.  The Comprehensive Assessment, tailored for entry-level positions, measures six general competencies that contribute to job success.  The Management Assessment, tailored for leadership positions, measures 11 dimensions of management performance.  Either assessment can stand alone, but the assessment test batteries are integrated so that a candidate who went through the Comprehensive Assessment when initially hired can be upgraded to the Management Assessment when being considered for promotion to a leadership position.  There is no need for the candidate to rewrite the tests that formed the Comprehensive Assessment battery; the leadership candidate only has to complete some additional leadership simulation exercises.

What is Involved?

The Comprehensive Assessment includes an analytical reasoning test, an innovative thinking test, and a large-scale personality inventory.  It takes approximately 1.75 hours for the candidate to complete the Comprehensive Assessment online. 

Management candidates can be selected to complete the Management Assessment component of the STAR Candidate Profile. The Management Assessment includes an analytical reasoning test, an innovative thinking test, a large-scale personality inventory, and two leadership simulation exercises.  It takes approximately 4 hours for a candidate to complete the entire Management Assessment online, or 2.25 hours for a candidate who has previously been through the Comprehensive Assessment to complete the missing components of the Management Assessment.

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