How To Get Started

Here is how to learn more about our systems and take the steps to get started for your organization:

  1. Use the Information Request Form to provide a little background about your organization and the kinds of assessments and services your organization is looking for.
  2. One of our senior psychologists will make an appointment to discuss your organization and the kinds of assessments that would help the organization build stronger teams through selecting and developing stronger people.
  3. We will explain the science behind our systems and suggest the systems that are the best match for your organization. These could include the entry level Work Skills Profile, the mid-range STAR Candidate Profile, or the top Management Assessment Profile. Discussion could include the TEAM 360 or various employee and client satisfaction surveys. It is also possible to take something that is close to meeting your goals and adapt to better suite your requirements.
  4. We may suggest a pilot project where we set up an online account for your organization and set up up either a sample assessment session for some of your HR staff to test drive or possibly with one or more real candidates. The intention is for you to become familiar with the process and the results of our systems. In the case of real candidates in the pilot process, you can compare what our reports say with the impressions you have through interviews and other sources of information about the candidate.
  5. Assuming that you are satisfied with the results of the pilot project, we can set your organiation up to assess many candidates on a regular basis. This will include setting up people in your organization with specific access and providing training for administering the assessments. Most of the assessments are monitored by a person acting as a proctor.
  6. We invoice monthly on a per candidate basis with no obligation to use the systems. The prices start as low as $10 per candidate for the entry-level Work Skills Profile. We can offer discounts for commitments to larger volumes of testing, though most clients prefer to pay according to monthly usage.
  7. We are open to discuss most levels of customization, including designing and building new systems to meet your specific requirements.

The first step is discussing your needs with one of our senior psycologists. Please use the Information Request Form or call 604 435-3901 to discuss how we can help your organization.

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