What We Do

HR Decisions combines accepted research with our own extensive research in the field to develop exercises to measure various abilities, traits, and skills that have a demonstrated link to performance.

We conduct extensive validity tests to ensure that the exercises are measuring the abilities, traits, and skills correctly.

We design test batteries that combine the various exercises to provide a targeted assessment for specific roles. Our entry level Work Skills Profile measures memory, verbal ability, and math and reason abilities. Our more advanced assessments such as the Management Assessment Profile add various exercises to provide more measurements such as personality traits, administrative skills, customer service traits, and the ability to think quickly and innovate.

HR Decisions matches your placement needs with an assessment appropriate for the qualities you are looking for in a candidate. If you would like to target positions, values, and qualities specific to your organization, we can customize assessments and reports to meet your requirements.

We also provide TEAM 360, client satisfaction, and employee satisfaction surveys to help your organization excel.

Please review our products and solutions and use the contact form to let us know how HR Decisions can help your organization.

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