Customer Service Assessment

Most organizations are represented by the people who interact with customers and clients. Poor customer service can reflect badly on the organization. Not only is the unhappy person likely to go somewhere else, they will often tell others to avoid your organization.

Poor customer service can be very costly.

Our Customer Service Assessment will tell you the following measures for a candidate:

  1. Memory ability.
  2. Math and reasoning ability.
  3. Verbal ability.
  4. Attitudes and judgement related to customer service.
The candidate will complete three cognitive assessments to provide measures of areas that have been proven to be important predictors of success in most activities.

The candidate will complete a customer simulation exercise where many scenarios are presented and the candidate is asked to select the Most likely action and the Least likely action they would take to handle the situation from four possible actions. The actions selected will indicate the level of judgement in a simulation of common real-world situations.

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