Customized Assessment

We also offer the following services:
  • Customized Performance Appraisal Instruments
    HR Decisions has developed large- and small-scale performance review instruments for a number of organizations. The expertise underlying our scientifically-based personnel-selection instruments can be applied with any organization and its appraisal dimensions.

  • Customized 360° Assessment Instruments
    HR Decisions can use its basic assessment technology, reporting software, and psychometric expertise to design a custom 360° assessment system for any organization, using that company's organizational dimensions.

  • Customization of All Existing HR Decisions Systems
    We can modify the assessment and development systems described earlier to provide organizations with truly fully-customized assessment procedures. Organizational dimensions differ, and HR Decisions can adapt any basic system to tap new dimensions.

  • Development of New Company-Specific Assessment Systems
    HR Decisions can design assessment systems for organizations from the ground up. Our 25 years of experience and massive databases enable us to build a reliable and valid assessment system for any job family in any organization.